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SCO expands its battle over Linux by pledging to revoke Unix contract held by high-end computer maker Silicon Graphics, Inc., due to SGI donating XFS file system software to Linux. [CNET]


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SGI may join IBM on SCO list of intellectual property thieves. In recent SEC filing, SGI says SCO threatened to revoke SGI Unix license due to a breach of contract, similar to IBM complaint, to disrupt Irix sales. [The Register]


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Silicon Graphics, after internal review, cut 200 source code lines responding to SCO threat to revoke its irrevocable Unix license; code was from high-throughput journaled XFS filesystem, made at SGI years after Unix NFS. [The Register]


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Now it is Silicon Graphics turn in court; SCO threatens to terminate SGI Unix license over code contributed to Linux, similar to claim made against IBM. SGI also denies claim. [eWeek]


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