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Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems Group; research focus: extensible and flexible system services: filesystems, networking, languages. Projects: 'C, Chord, Click, Exokernel (Exopc), Grid, Prolac, RON, and SFS. Funding: DARPA, NSF; AT&T, IB...


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Software package to enhance Unix kernels (7 so far) and Linux with cluster computing abilities. Lets any size cluster of x86-based workstations and servers work cooperatively as if part of one system. [Open Source, GPL]


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Allows running diverse programs in web browser, integrated program development and management, based on HTML and JavaScript. Descriptions, FAQ, weblog, forum, developer support, tutorial, policy, contacts. Open source.


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Gives distributed OS services needed to build applications that are wide-area, highly available, incrementally scalable, dynamically reconfiguring, with mechanisms for: resource discovery, global namespace, remote process execution, resource managemen...


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Growing article, with links to many related topics. Wikipedia.


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Global Layer Unix; technology trends in high-speed, low-latency LANs suggest convergence of hardware in Massively Parallel Processors, MPPs, and Networks of Workstations, NOWs. Relative to many MPPs, NOWs offer more cost-effectiveness and scalability,...


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Simple, yet efficient distributed shared memory (DSM) system; a user-level library plus header files supports DSM on groups of Unix workstations. Runs on 4.3BSD/M68k, HP-UX/PA-RISC, IRIX 5.2/MIPS, SunOS 4.1/SPARC. [Open Source, public domain]


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Agent-based communication models show great promise to operate in unpredictable, metamorphic environments, such as mobile computing networks. Excellent basic explanations, clear arguments, well reasoned; from Crossroads, ACM student magazine.


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Research OS for a cluster of computer workstations connected by fast network; structured as a small distributed kernel, and set of service modules, runtime libraries, and commands. Stanford University.


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An operating system that lets applications be built simpler. The system selects and combines resources from the network semi-automatically.


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