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Page listing several research projects: microkernel OSs (MK7, MK++, AD3) and other modules (CONVERSANT, CORDS, GIPC, SHAWS).


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Growing article, with links to many related topics. Wikipedia.


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Growing article, with links to many related topics. Wikipedia.


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New microkernel operating system for x86 computers, many features: network and Internet modules, file system (FAT); kernel handles memory, tasks, micro kernels, and some base devices: keyboard, video, hdd, and ramdrive.


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Teachable Operating System: tiny multithreaded messaging microkernel, in ANSI C; protected threads, memory managed, and thread/process control. From undergraduate course on concurrency, device programming, OS concepts. Descriptions, documents, theses,...


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SUpport for Multimedia in Operating systems, Lancaster University: microkernel OS with facilities to support distributed realtime and multimedia applications and ODP-based multimedia distributed application platforms.


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Portable object-oriented microkernel OS, dynamically loaded device drivers, fully redesigned and rewritten many times in C++, runs on VAX, x86. Ongoing experiment in using O-O paradigm as framework for full OS, with distributed computing as main aspec...


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Goal: scalability of highly parallel multicomputer systems. Based on small microkernel that does process management, interprocess communication; all other services are processes out of kernel. Processes and address spaces orthogonal, so Cosy process i...


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High performance, general-purpose research OS kernel for cache-coherent multiprocessors, for next generation servers ranging from small-scale (to grow ubiquitous), to very large-scale non-symmetric (growing important in commercial and technical enviro...


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One user microkernel (nearer an exokernel), very small, version of Empix Unix-like OS developed at the Computing Systems Laboratory, National Technical University of Athens.


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