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World-class, innovative new product designed to make web server management easier for everyone.


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 2 - lighttpd Browse Website open in new window
Lightweight open-source web server. News, documentation, benchmarks, bugs, and download. [BSD license]


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 3 - AOLserver Browse Website open in new window
Open-source web server by America Online, multithreaded, Tcl-enabled, massively-scalable and extensible, also features database integration and a dynamic page scripting language (ADP).


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 4 - CERN httpd Browse Website open in new window
No longer maintained, but possibly of historical interest.


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 5 - Netcraft Browse Website open in new window
A list of servers. Also a survey of webserver software usage.


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Web tool retrieves hosting software information from any domain name.


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 7 - Zeus Web Server Browse Website open in new window
Solutions for content providers, ISP hosting, intranets and secure e-commerce with support.


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 8 - Tcl Web Server Browse Website open in new window
A pure-Tcl web server.


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dedicated to the provision of free, WWW-aware software to the OS/2 community. Written primarily in REXX, theflagship product is the SRE-http http/1.1 server for OS/2.


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 10 - Roxen Webserver Browse Website open in new window
Web server and application server which includes support for RXML, a tag-based language for constructing dynamic content. Allows tag plugins to be written in Pike.


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