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Non-profit corporation dedicated to developing and maintaining production quality open source reference implementations of core Internet protocols. BIND is available here for free.


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Domain Name System tools, links, and tips. [Unix]


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 3 - Men & Mice Browse Website open in new window
QuickDNS and DNS Expert tools. Free trial versions, support page including DNS glossary, FAQ, mailing list. [MacOS, Windows]


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A scalable DNS server. Free trial version, FAQ, technical documentation. [Windows]


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A validating, recursive, and caching DNS server software product distributed in open source form under the BSD license. [Unix]


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Free trial version, screenshots, client testimonials, FAQ, tutorials. Also provides a Web-based DNS lookup tool.[Windows]


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 7 - MetaInfo Browse Website open in new window
DNS and DHCP server software for MS Windows, Linux, and Solaris.


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PowerDNS is a non-BIND nameserver based on open-source and proprietary software.


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A public-domain, open source Domain Name Server which offers both authoritative and caching features. Its main goals are security and simplicity.


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A free DNS server for Unix that serves records directly from a MySQL database.


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