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 1 - Pearl Software Browse Website open in new window
Creators of Cyber Snoop and Pearl Echo - software for monitoring children's and employees' Internet use.


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 2 - Spectorsoft Browse Website open in new window
Develops and supports eBlaster and Spector software for recording computer and Internet activities.


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Develops content management and security software that monitors and controls electronic data entering and leaving an organization.


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 4 - Covenant Eyes Browse Website open in new window
Logs clients' web usage and sends the end-user and two others a report of the sites visited and time spent online.


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SurfPass is a software for Internet access control, monitoring, URL blocking and filtering, time limitation and parental control. Smart cards option.


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 6 - Akrontech Browse Website open in new window
Offers computer and internet timer to limit access for users.


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 7 - Web Guard Browse Website open in new window
Dedicated to protecting copyrights and eradicating bandwidth bandits.


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 8 - IamBigBrother Browse Website open in new window
Records web, chat, and instant message activity. For Windows 95/98.


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 9 - WaveCrest Browse Website open in new window
Internet access management software can block, filter and report on employees' Internet activity.


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Measures network application response times using sniffer technology. Works with HTTP, measuring webserver response time, throughput and congestion.


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