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A tool that automatically retrieves RSS feeds then delivers the results for scanning and customized sorting.


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Server software that combines several feeds together and publishes them together on one web page.


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 3 - BottomFeeder Browse Website open in new window
A Smalltalk, desktop RSS Reader. Open source, runs on Windows, Mac, and various Unix flavors.


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Search software for finding and sharing news with integrated solid RSS newsreader.


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 5 - Feed on Feeds Browse Website open in new window
A Free PHP/MySQL based server-side RSS and Atom aggregator. All feeds are in one place, and users can read the latest news wherever they are.


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 6 - NewsFeed Browse Website open in new window
A desktop RSS reader and aggregator in Python/Tk.


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Open-source console-based RSS aggregator, written in Ruby, for Linux, Unix and Windows. Information for users and developers.


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 8 - FIRST SAY Browse Website open in new window
Open source RSS news aggregator designed to build collections of feeds and provide a first page presentation of feeds from many sources.


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A lightweight RSS, ATOM, NNTP and HTML headlines reader for Firefox, Mozilla, SeaMonkey, Netscape and Thunderbird. Download, FAQ, screen shots, and Flash movie demos.


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 10 - Feedjack Browse Website open in new window
Feed aggregator written in Python and Django. Supports archives, tag clouds, multiple sites and themes.


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