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Open source newsreader designed for both text and binary newsgroups. It supports offline reading, scoring, killfiles, and multiserver access. For Unix-like operating systems and Windows.


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 2 - NewsReaders.com Browse Website open in new window
Explanation of Usenet and list of newsreaders and other Usenet-related software. Directory of newsreader software sorted by operating system with brief descriptions and links to official download sites.


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Technical information and project documentation of the integrated email and news client in the Mozilla Suite.


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 4 - CancelMoose[tm] Browse Website open in new window
Information about the NoCeM protocol in general, including a listing of news clients which understand NoCeM, a protocol for reducing spam and other undesired Usenet articles.


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Certain minimal standards for writing and evaluating Usenet software that conforms to netiquette. Ratings of newsreaders and of a few web-based ways to gain access to newsgroups.


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Threaded, text based, open source newsreader for Unix, VMS, OS/2, and Win32 systems. Highly customizable. Allows to redefine keys and to write custom macros. Full support for scoring articles, complex filters and killfiles.


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 7 - SABnzbdPlus Browse Website open in new window
Open source, NZB capable binary newsgrabber written in Python, server-oriented using a web-interface. The active successor of the abandoned SABnzbd project.


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Command-line based binary newsgrabber for NZB files, written in C++. Supports client/server mode and automatic par check and repair.


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 9 - Hellanzb Browse Website open in new window
Open Source application able to retrieve nzb files and fully process them. Mac OS X and FreeBSD versions are supported, and there is also an unsupported Windows version.


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Open source newsreader for Windows and GNU/Linux. Supports scoring, off line reading and X-Face headers.


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