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 1 - Irssi-SILC Browse Website open in new window
Irssi-SILC is the original textmode client for SILC.


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By dragging the address or link in a browser to this software, you can publicly or privately talk to other users reading the same webpage.


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A SILC Client for Windows, Linux/*BSD, and Mac OS/X. Has integrated public/private key support, OS standards interface, and HTML rendered output.


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 4 - Comms4free Browse Website open in new window
Lists only freeware or ad-ware communications software, including text chat, voice chat, and video chat. Descriptions provided.


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Bombyx is a graphical client for SILC (Secure Internet Live Conferencing). It is written in C++ and uses FLTK as the widget set, plus a few other libraries.


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 6 - Chatterbox Browse Website open in new window
Voice chat software, good for online training, seminars, or communities, including text, voice chat, co-browsing and application sharing.


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 7 - Lister Smart Browse Website open in new window
A sleek and useful solution that is set to change the perception of SMS as a communication tool.


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