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 11 - YASRT Raytracer Browse Website open in new window
A simple raytracer in development, it supports the basic features of a raytracer along with multi-threading. Many platforms are supported (Win32, Linux, and iPAQ).


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A basic introduction to building a ray tracer, with some pointers to more advanced subjects at the end.


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Article on Ray Tracing in the student magazine of the ACM.


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Information about raytracing in general, with a how-to section and an A-Z reference. Technical articles and a gallery of images renderd with the VRWorld4 raytracer developed by the author, and humour.


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 15 - Realstorm Browse Website open in new window
A realtime raytracing engine with downloadable benchmark, screenshots and information. Windows 95/98/me/2000.


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An open source volume modeling and rendering library for unix. The interface facilitates the majority of significant developments in the field to date.


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R.I.S.E. is an open source global illumination renderer for producing physically and biologically based photo realistic images. Product specifications, gallery, documentation, and downloads. [Windows, Linux, SunOS, Irix 6.5, Sun Solaris]


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Home of the Lparser, the program reads a Lsystem description and processes it into a 3d form which can then be output in several formats, including VRML, DXF and POV.


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Discuss programming techniques, algorithms and productions related to realtime raytracing, both software or hardware based.


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 20 - GRT Raytracer Browse Website open in new window
Raytracing system written in Common Lisp. It trys to become good classical raytracer: reasonably efficient, with a good selection of primitives, advanced texturing capabilities, animation support, and probably integration of the scripting environment ...


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