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Anti Virus (54) Biometrics (10) Cryptography (165)
Digital Certificates (29) E-Commerce (6) Firewalls (216)
Forensics and Anti-Forensic Degaussers (13) Freeware (14) Internet (111)
Intrusion Detection Systems (77) Linux (32) Mac OS (48)
Monitoring (50) Open Source (7) Password Recovery (33)
Password Tools (76) Public Keys (28) Security Scanners (73)
Software Protection and License Control (77) Tracking, Prevention and Recovery (39) Virtual Private Networks (46)
Windows Shareware (230)  

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 1 - Shred Nations Browse Website open in new window
Shred Nations helps companies in Akron and Cleveland, OH destroy private information.

Shred Nations
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 2 - Sam Spade Browse Website open in new window
Sam Spade is an integrated network query tool for Windows 95, 98, NT and Windows 2000. A freeware tool for tracking down spam.


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Identity and access management solution. Product details, customer comments, news articles, downloads, ordering and contact information.


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Security solutions: IP level encryption, firewalls, authentication, and network management.


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 5 - Certicom Browse Website open in new window
Secure data storage, network access and e-mail software for wireless handhelds. Securitybuilder developer toolkits for embedding cryptographic functions in new applications and hardware.


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Chinese supplier of antivirus, firewall, content management and other network security software and products.


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 7 - Faronics Browse Website open in new window
Develops and markets end-point non-restrictive, configuration management and whitelist based software security solutions.


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Electronic and digital signature solution provider includes resources, white papers, product news and related information.


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 9 - SmoothWall Browse Website open in new window
Proviedes details of the content filtering, firewall, web and email security solutions available.


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Offers the Enterprise Security Suite software which protects against and controls outbreaks of viruses, spyware, phishing scams and other malicious programs.


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