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Virus Encyclopedia site maintained by Symantec, makers of the popular Norton AntiVirus product.


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Trend Micro issues regular advisories regarding new viruses, including a guide to avoiding them in the first place. Site covers risk factor of the newest viruses. lists top ten virus and offers a security alert archive.


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 3 - Virus Bulletin Browse Website open in new window
News and technical articles on developments on viruses and anti-virus products.


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Organization which maintains a list of computer viruses which are still found "in the wild".


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This Sophos database holds the latest virus names and descriptions.


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Virus information from makers of eTrust Antivirus (formerly known as InoculateIT).


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Virus alerts, mailing list, and searchable descriptions of common viruses.


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 8 - VirusList.com Browse Website open in new window
Permanently replenishing information about new viruses. Mechanisms of breeding and operation, detailed analysis of algorithms of viruses. Methods to guard against computer viruses.


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Combines universities, industry, media, technical, security, and legal experts from civil and military government and law enforcement as well as privacy protection organizations whose objectives are to unite non-commercial efforts against writing and ...


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 10 - EICAR test file Browse Website open in new window
Provides a standardized test file for signature based virus detection software. This file can be used to verify the correct operation of antivirus software without unnecessary exposure to viruses.


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