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 1 - Xerces Java Browse Website open in new window
Advanced XML parser, including support for XML Schema, DOM Level 2, and SAX version 2. [Open Source, BSD-like]


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Parses, manipulates, and outputs XML using standard Java constructs. API is similar to DOM, but easier to use. [Open Source, BSD-like]


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Contains Namespace support and is fully configurable and extensible. [Open Source, Public Domain]


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 4 - XML Pull Parser Browse Website open in new window
A fast parser using a pull-based approach instead of SAX. It does not read DTDs and is optimized for small documents like SOAP. [Open Source, BSD-like]


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 5 - Lark and Larval Browse Website open in new window
Lark is a non-validating processor implemented in the Java language; it attempts to achieve good trade-offs among compactness, completeness, and performance. Larval is a validating processor built on the same code base as Lark.


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An XML pull parser and writer suitable for all Java platforms including the Java 2 Micro Edition (CLDC/MIDP/CDC). Because of its small footprint size, it is especially suited for Applets or Java applications running on mobile devices like Palm Pilots ...


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Non-validating XML parser. [Open Source, BSD-like]


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Fast non-validating XML parser for Java supporting SAX 1, SAX 2.0.1, and JAXP 1.1. [Open Source, LGPL]


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 9 - FastParser Browse Website open in new window
High performance Java XML parser, can be used with embedded device. SAX, DOM Compliant. [Shareware]


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Simple and small SAX XML parser. Extremely small (6kb) version without SAX interface is also available. [Open Source, zlib/libpng-like]


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