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Sun Microsystems' annual show; includes call for papers, archives, registration information, and schedule.


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European Java and Open Source conference in Zurich, Switzerland. Information on call for papers, program, expert speakers, and registration.


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A Java symposium series in 25 cities throughout the U.S. and Canada.


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Calendar of conferences, seminars, vendor tours and webinars.


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The goal of the Forum is to develop community consensus and recommendations for either changes to Java or establishment of standards (frameworks) for Grande libraries and services. Java related workshop and conference resources.


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Highly technical Java and XML programming conference. Includes conference history, mailing list, and current agenda.


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Schedule and details on show that explores the Spring Framework.


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Information on annual European conference on Java and object-oriented software engineering.


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Seeks to draw together researchers, teachers, practitioners, and programmers who study or work with the Java programming Language to discuss the principles and practice of its use in an academic environment.


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Java conference in Europe. This 5-day gathering includes the JavaPolis University, Conference, Exhibition and BOF sessions with some of Java's well known speakers. December in Antwerp, Belgium.


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