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Ada83 (3) Advocacy and Comparisons (12) Articles (10)
Bindings and Libraries (32) Books (24) Code Samples (10)
Commercial Services (4) Commercial Uses (2) Compilers (24)
CORBA (5) Databases (3) FAQs, Help, and Tutorials (23)
Games, Fun (1) History (2) Java Virtual Machine (1)
Linux (4) Macintosh (2) Operating Systems
Personal Pages (12) Security (3) Subsets (5)
Tools (20) User Groups (4) Web (7)
Windows (4)  

 Web Pages    1 - 10   of   25

 1 - Ada Home Browse Website open in new window
Home of the brave Ada programmers - an Ada resource site.


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ACM Special Interest Group on Ada: information on SIGAda organization and pointers to current information and resources for the Ada programming language.


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The Ada Information Clearinghouse provides information and resources on Ada.


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The Libre software site for Ada developers. Links on Ada web server, compiler and visual debugger.


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 5 - AdaPower.com Browse Website open in new window
Extensive resource: developer resources, tools; FAQs, links, source code, people, references, books; COM/DCOM, CORBA; Linux, and Windows.


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 6 - OC Systems Browse Website open in new window
Powerful Testing, Debugging and Development Tools.


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A listing of resources: Links, FAQs, tutorials, and standards.


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Ada in the news and press releases.


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 9 - AdaBasis Browse Website open in new window
A repository of (mostly) free Ada Software.


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 10 - Who's Using Ada? Browse Website open in new window
Real-world projects powered by Ada.


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