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 11 - Schoolforge Browse Website open in new window
An international coalition of organizations fostering free and open resources in and for education.


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Amusing strip following the antics of Columbia Internet and its employees. Frequently touches on Open Source, Linux, hacker culture, and holy wars.


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Raising public awareness about past and present infringement of GPL licensed software. Includes profile, news and events.


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Non-profit organization created to promote the adoption of open source solutions within U.S. agencies and academic entities.


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 15 - Infinite Hands Browse Website open in new window
A filk song about a part of the history of free software - from the beginnings in the MIT labs over sold out code, GNU, Linux and the GPLv3.


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 16 - Open Malaysia Browse Website open in new window
Promoting the Open Document Format (ODF), open standards, and open source software in Malaysia.


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The Open Science Project is an Organization devoted to providing open source scientific software.


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The Canadian Association for Open Source.


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 19 - Boycott Novell Browse Website open in new window
Discusses exclusionary and questionable deals (such as the deal between Novell and Microsoft) which it views as attempts to undermine the purpose and goals of the Free software movement.


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Microsoft are getting very worried indeed about competition from Open Source Software such as Linux. This leaked internal memo, courtesy of Eric Raymond, reveals all -- including the extreme lengths Microsoft is willing to go to squash its competition.


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