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Apple offers technical FAQs, knowledge base and publicly available documentation files including the MOV file format.


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 2 - Fraunhofer IIS Browse Website open in new window
Information about the different parts of MPEG-4 Natural or General Audio (GA) from one of the inventors of these formats, see also their page about MPEG-2 AAC.


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Overview of their implementation and contribution to the MPEG-4 standard.


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DRM is a world-wide initiative to use analog AM radio for digital sound and services implementing aacPlus at very low bitrates, often mixed up with Digital Rights Management for copy protection.


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Publicly available standards from the International Organization for Standardization including MPEG-4 with 14496-5 containing the Audio, Visual and Systems parts.


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All available articles and documents from the Journal of Audio Engineering Society with search tool including a CD about coding artifacts.


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 7 - Via Licensing Browse Website open in new window
Patent pool administrator for AAC with FAQs and overviews of royalty fees for commercial implementations.


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 8 - Hydrogen Audio Browse Website open in new window
Forum about audio coding in general with two separate boards for AAC.


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Bell Labs' / Lucent Technologies multi-lingual TTS demos and introduction to this coding method.


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Company that invented Spectral Band Replication (SBR) and combined it with MP3 (mp3PRO) and AAC (aacPlus or HE AAC).


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