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We specialize in providing service and solutions in the computer industry, especially customized keyboards and keyboard add-ons. Our staff has experience developing thousands of custom solutions and products designed to increase computer user efficiency.

Smart Keyboard Solutions
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Provides an ergonomic keyboard and mouse replacement to reduce the effects of repetitive strain disorder.


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 3 - EkaTetra Browse Website open in new window
Single handed keyboard for Macs, Windows, Unix. Does everything a standard keyboard can do with just 12 keys. Use either hand. Stores keyboard command sequences and short or long sentences.


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 4 - FingerWorks Browse Website open in new window
Designs and produces Zero-Force ergonomic keyboards with integrated mouse and gesture input.


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Offers the Stowaway line of portable keyboards for the Palm, Visor and other mobile devices.


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Alternative to QWERTY and Dvorak layouts, ergonomic touch typing in English using your existing keyboard.


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A virtual keyboard, mainly for palmtop computers.


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The Key Connection provides foreign language keyboards, large print keyboards, wireless keyboard mice and computer accessories.


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 9 - Editors Keys Browse Website open in new window
Providing editing keyboards for Premiere, Photoshop and other programs.


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Places the user in a position that is orthopedically neutral and cannot be adjusted improperly by the user.


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