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Research and development of light emitting polymer (LEP) display technology development.


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Organic Light Emitting Device (OLED) technology may deliver excellent display performance with high resolution, full color, high luminosity at lower costs.


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Makes very low cost, flexible, reflective and emissive active matrix displays for hand-held systems. May have revolutionary cost/performance by using Fluidic Self Assembly (FSA), and NanoBlock ICs, to transform the whole display manufacturing process ...


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Makes LCD, PDP, and other flat panel controller interfaces, monitors, kiosks, marine systems.


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Thick film inorganic electroluminescent display.


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Offers LCD-TFT monitors manufactured of steel, aluminium and a protective non glare glass screen. Based in Denmark.


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Rugged and compact LCD monitors and touch screens, stand-alone LCD monitors, serial LCDs.


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Specializes in industrial LCD and POS monitors, and CCTV monitor/camera.


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Volume producer of Thin Film Electro-Luminescent (TFEL) and Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display products. Specialty: high information display products at competitive price for commercial use, including automobiles. Research and development at ...


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Develops and commercializes video screen technology, based in Oxford, United Kingdom.


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