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65xx (12) 68k (6) Alpha (2)
Application Specific (69) ARM (6) Asynchronous (15)
AVR (28) Barrel (4) Bit Slice (4)
Cell (14) Cellular Automata (6) CISC (3)
DLX (23) Education (18) Embedded Systems (202)
Emotion Engine (6) iAPX-432 (6) Lisp (8)
Minimal (22) MIPS (10) MIX-MMIX (15)
Multiprocessors (9) Nios (4) Open Source (5)
PA-RISC (3) Parallel (7) PIC (29)
POWER (21) Reconfigurable (10) Reversible (6)
RISC (9) SPARC (19) SuperH (4)
Transmeta (4) Transputer (12) TRON (4)
VLIW (5) x86 (12) Z80 (5)
ZISC (3)  

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Growing article, with links to many related topics. [Wikipedia]


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Houses computer architecture and microprocessor information on conferences, benchmarks and tools, group projects, publications, books and newsgroups.


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Silicon design company involved in MIPS technologies, and wide range of electronics.


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An information services company focused on enabling technology for personal computers and the high-performance microprocessor industry. Our work is aimed at engineers and others who need to understand and select new technologies.


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Fabless semiconductor firm. Low cost, low power, high performance 8-bit embedded processors, clock speeds to 30 MHz. Integrated development tools for embedded control, communications, Ethernet connectivity; support remote coding.


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Makes strained silicon, high-speed, high-transconductance devices optimized to work in digital, analog, or mixed signal systems.


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IBM researchers have made seminal contributions to this field. Lists some current work. [IBM Research]


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 8 - ClearSpeed Browse Website open in new window
Floating point accelerator, coprocessor and data parallel processing for HPC, scientific and embedded computer chips. Programmed easily in C language.


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Provides chip, chipset and system-on-chip solutions for computers, communications, consumer, industrial, Internet-enabled, automotive, and visual applications.


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CPU upgrade expert with product briefs, support, discussion forums and compatibility database.


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