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A open source multi-format schema converter based on RELAX NG. Includes documentation and download.


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 2 - Examplotron Browse Website open in new window
Uses instance documents as a lightweight schema language; sample documents are marked up with the information needed to guide a validator.


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Paper by Dongwon Lee and Wesley W. Chu comparing XML DTD, XML Schema, XDR, SOX, Schematron, and DSD.


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 4 - Schemachine Browse Website open in new window
Specification of a framework for modular validation of XML documents.


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integrity management of distributed XML data. Provides a validation rules language and processing engine that allows constraints beyond schema and DTD validation.


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 6 - XMLProbe Browse Website open in new window
Automated data quality checking of XML content.


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Checks an XML document (specified by URL) for well-formedness and optionally DTD-based validity and namespace correctness. Outputs canonical XML. Runs over the web and can be downloaded.


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