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A list of general introductory articles on XML. Part of a larger directory of XML related information.


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FAQs maintained by Peter Flynn, part of the W3C's XML special interest group.


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 3 - XML School Browse Website open in new window
A well organized and easy to understand free tutorial with lots of examples and source code.


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 4 - Textuality FAQ Browse Website open in new window
Some simple, but important, questions and answers with an SGML slant.


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A manual/workbook about XML available in multiple formats.


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The skew.org XML Tutorial by Mike J. Brown provides a reintroduction to XML with an emphasis on character encoding.


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A series of white papers and best practices about incorporating XML into the enterprise.


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Interactive XML tutorials. Students can practice validating and processing using XSD Schema, XSLT, DTD, DOM, SAX and SVG.


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Using a DOM-supporting programming language, such as JavaScript, one can maneuver within the XML data to perform queries, processing, or modifications.


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The March 2001 Troubleshooting Professional Magazine is entirely devoted to an XML Programming Tutorial on the Linux platform using Xerces-Java. DOM, SAX, DTD's.


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