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This W3C discussion paper outlines the differences between SGML and XML.


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Now unmaintained list of ideas and simple tools from the early days.


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Ten key points explaining the rationale of the language.


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A White paper by Jon Bosak of Sun Microsystems.


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 5 - WML or XML? Browse Website open in new window
Which standard is better for developing for the wireless market?


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Numerous articles about XML, including many on the DocBook DTD for documents.


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Overview of XML, its historical context, and sample code.


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Using XML to generate VRML.


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A close look at XML software, focusing strictly on products and tools written in Java because XML and Java are two technologies which make a "perfect pair". (Ken Sall / WDVL)


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Describes the XML effort, makes a survey of most of the associated specifications and discusses new kinds of Java-based Web applications made possible by XML, and makes predictions about the impact that XML will have on some of the existing technologi...


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