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XML namespaces provide a simple method for qualifying element and attribute names used in Extensible Markup Language documents by associating them with namespaces identified by URI references. (W3C Recommendation 14 January 1999)


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The section of the W3C's "Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) Version 1.1" specification that defines the XSL namespace.


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An attempt by James Clark at a less confusing alternative explanation of the mechanism described in the XML Namespaces Recommendation.


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XML Namespaces provides a method to avoid element name conflicts. This page gives examples and solutions.


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A collection of whitepapers, perspectives and history on XML namespaces, including links, references and contacts.


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an HTML-based markup language designed to contain a human-readable description of an XML namespace as well as pointers to multiple resources related to that namespace. Examples of such related resources include schemas, stylesheets, human-readable doc...


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Questions and answers about Namespaces in XML as maintained by Ronald Bourret.


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A first look at this W3C Recommendation on Namespaces in XML. By Tim Bray.


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Questions and answers about Namespaces in XML. By John E. Simpson.


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Understand Namespaces in XML using these 14 examples presented here.


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