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 1 - Logipole Browse Website open in new window
Developer of Konvertor graphic, audio, video and text file converter supporting 238 unique formats.


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Free PHP-based software to run a web service for converting MS Word documents to OpenDocument and HTML. Features, FAQ, screenshots, documentation, and download. [LGPL]


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Transforms documents into image formats via the print facilities in other applications. Includes COM interface.


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 4 - PurePage Browse Website open in new window
A dedicated conversion technology that can automatically convert almost any file (that you can print) into HTML - making the file Web and Intranet ready.


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Infrastructure software, that changes complex legacy data and documents into industry-standard e-content formats for presentment on the Web. Web-ready formats, including XML, HTML, WML, and PDF.


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 6 - Lincoln & Co Browse Website open in new window
Document conversion to graphics formats focusing on fax, imaging, printing and viewers to display PostScript and PCL. Support for Windows, Unix and Linux. Offers subscription online service.


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 7 - SoftInterface Browse Website open in new window
Offers ActiveX components and standalone utilities for exchanging files between MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint, RTF, PDF, HTML, CSV, text and image formats. Also provides file comparison and search tools.


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Converts files from different word processing, spreadsheet, graphic and database formats.


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 9 - OpenSyncro Browse Website open in new window
Open source enterprise application integration toolkit for batch conversion of CSV and semi-structured text to XML, with support for XSLT, FTP, HTTP and database connection.


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Offers TIFF printer driver solutions which enable the conversion of business documents (MS Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat) into TIFF, BMP, and JPEG image formats ready for use with fax or email.


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