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Research centre based at the Oxford University. It conducts theoretical and experimental research into all aspects of quantum information processing and providing information about current events and other groups working in this topic.


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 2 - Quantumlah Browse Website open in new window
Quantum Information Technology group at the National University of Singapore. Group focuses on new quantum protocols and its implementation, quantum cryptography, quantum computation and fundamentals of quantum mechanics.


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This web site offers an up-to-date overview of the activities of groups at MIT interested in Quantum Information Science.


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Provides an overview of quantum computation and cryptography work at Cambridge University. There are also tutorials and announcements of upcoming conferences and workshops.


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Research group lead by Anton Zeilinger at the Institute for Experimental Physics, University of Vienna, Austria. The groups is working on photonic entanglement experiments, Bell's inequalities, quantum communication and quantum cryptography.


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CalTech's Institute provides lectures and papers for intermediate and advanced readers on the subject of Quantum Information and Quantum Computing.


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Performs research on quantum computing with an emphasis on quantum cryptography.


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Web site of the NIST Quantum Information Program is an effort that builds on the broad internationally recognized research program involving trapped ions by the NIST Physics Laboratory's Ion Storage Group.


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 9 - Imperial QIT Browse Website open in new window
Quantum Information Theory Group at the Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Imperial College London. Group lead by Martin Plenio working on theoretical aspects of quantum information including entanglement quantification and novel ways of implementin...


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An overview of quantum computer related research taking place at the Max Plank Institute. The primary focus is ion trap based computing. Selected reprints are available.


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