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 1 - Diwan, Ajit Browse Website open in new window
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay - Algorithms, Graph theory, Combinatorics


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 2 - Daugman, John Browse Website open in new window
University of Cambridge - Neuroscience, statistical pattern recognition, wavelets, computer vision.


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 3 - Dawar, Anuj Browse Website open in new window
University of Cambridge - Applications of logic to computing, finite model theory, computational complexity.


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Dorothy E. Denning is the Patricia and Patrick Callahan Family Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Georgetown Institute for Information Assurance at Georgetown University. She is also affiliated with the Communication, Culture, and Techn...


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Nicholas Copernicus University - Local learning, Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition, NeuroFuzzy systems, Cognition, Computational neurobiology, Applications of adaptive systems in medicine and psychiatry


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 6 - Dodgson, Neil Browse Website open in new window
University of Cambridge - Autostereoscopic 3D imaging, rendering algorithms, compression.


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Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay - Distributed Algorithms, Programming Languages, Operating Systems, Optimizing Compilers


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University of Udine - Real number computability, semantics of concurrency, lambda-calculus.


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 9 - Davies, Rowan Browse Website open in new window
Carnegie Mellon University - Standard ML with refinement-type checking, relationships between modal logics and programming languages.


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 10 - Day, Bill Browse Website open in new window
Technology Evangelist at Sun Microsystems, interests include software and aerospace engineering, molecular nanotechnology, streaming media and multimedia, java, and computer graphics.


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