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Babbage, Charles (8)  

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Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi - CAD for VLSI, Computer Architecture


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 2 - Blelloch, Guy Browse Website open in new window
Carnegie Mellon - Thread scheduling, parallel algorithms, NESL, provably efficient language implementations, multiprocessor garbage collection.


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IBM Research - Quantum information and computation theory.


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 4 - Bundy, Alan Browse Website open in new window
University of Edinburg - Understanding the structure of mathematical proofs using proof plans, automated theorem proving.


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 5 - Hans J. Boehm Browse Website open in new window
HP Labs - Java, Garbage collection, language theory


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NIST - Numerical solution of partial differential equations, mathematical software, and information services that support computational science.


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 7 - Borning, Alan Browse Website open in new window
University of Washington - Human-computer interaction, constraint-based languages and systems, and land use, transportation, and environmental modeling.


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 8 - Bultan, Tevfik Browse Website open in new window
University of California, Santa Barbara - Computer aided verification, formal methods, static analysis, model checking.


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 9 - Brandt, Felix Browse Website open in new window
Stanford University, California. Multiagent systems, preference aggregation, auctions, voting, cryptographic protocols, mechanism design, artificial intelligence, and game theory.


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Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay - Neural Network Theory and Applications, Formal and Empirical Machine Learning, Natural Language Understanding, Distributed Artificial Intelligence.


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