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Introduction to organising a distributed computing project.


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 12 - The DC Zone Browse Website open in new window
A growing distributed computing community, currently focused on Folding@Home, Find-a-Drug, Grid.org, World Community Grid, and DIMES, though open to other projects.


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World chess champion Garry Kasparov, famous for tangling with IBM's Deep Blue supercomputer, takes on the world. His latest game uses distributed computing to connect any challenger. By Joyce Slaton. [Wired]


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Descriptions, bibliographies, and links to distributed operating systems, file systems, and computing environments.


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University computer administrator accused of "hacking" crimes, for installing a screensaver that supported distributed computing research. [Salon]


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From global distributed projects like Seti@Home to corporate uses behind the firewall, we cover the fundamentals of distributed computing architectures, discuss major initiatives and applications, and talk about the challenges that lay ahead.


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 17 - DCcentral Browse Website open in new window
Introduction to distributed computing in English, French, or Spanish. Includes tutorials, history, and projects.


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Grid computing and grid services portal featuring articles, papers, news and streaming media content.


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A project to better understand application behavior on wide-area networks. Publications, talks, software, status.


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An experimental wide-area distributed computing cluster used for parallel computing research at five Dutch universities.


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