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 1 - GECCO 2001 Browse Website open in new window
Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference 2001, July 7-11: Holiday Inn in San Francisco, California.


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A C++ library of genetic algorithm components. The library includes tools for using genetic algorithms to do optimization in any C++ program using any representation and genetic operators.


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Generalization, scheduling and performance evaluation from the Teacher Research Group.


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Use NeuroDimension's Genetic Server or Genetic Library products to embed genetic algorithms into your own VB/C++ application.


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ISAB is an international scientific society devoted to education and furthering research on adaptive behavior in animals, animats, software agents, and robots.


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 6 - Open BEAGLE Browse Website open in new window
Open BEAGLE is an Evolutionary Computation (EC) framework entirely coded in C++. It provides a software environment to do any kind of EC.


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FAQs for comp.ai.genetic. An unconventional and often witty introductory compendium. ASCII text only.


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Introductory pages with interactive Java applets, useful tips for your own genetic algorithm


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 9 - GA Playground Browse Website open in new window
A general GA toolkit implemented in Java, for experimenting with genetic algorithms and handling optimization problems. Source code is available.


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Genetic algorithm citations starting with ICGA and FOGA. Part of the Computer Science Bibliography Collection at the Universitat Karlsruhe in Germany.


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